Thursday, February 11, 2010


I got this great opportunity to be a part of a this Boat House project, my only dilema was that the mural had to be done by friday for the show.

I had multiple images in my sketchbooks that I wanted to use. But they were all very ambitious. Instead, opted to go the clean route with something totally new and in a comic book style. A crazy looking lady holding a Santa Muerte statue is what came up. I know its wierd. But I was doing some internet research earlier that day and came across this lady's senior class photo and felt it had to get some praise for pulling off such a great expression. Drew it up, got home, scanned it, printed it on a transparancy and hauled ass to make it happen in one night.

The finished product will be up soon. Just need to get a nice looking finished photo from one of my photographer friends.

Big thanks to Mike and Chadwick at Creative Casualties for drinking beers with me and snapping these awesome photos of my last minute, one night mural piece for the Boat house show.

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