Monday, June 7, 2010


Here is my piece for the Sezio 2 Year Anniversary event. It's Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal from the Buena Vista Social Club. Before I received some kind of notoriety for my Mexican "Day of the Dead" style, I was and hope to one day (if time allows) continue on my path of educating the masses about Cuba through my paintings and illustrations. There is a beautiful culture and past, and I feel not too many people know about it.

I hope to see you guys at the event on the June 12th. I will only be there for about an hour or 2, so hopefully we can catch up and chat. My amazing girlfriend gets her PhD degree that day, and that takes precedence over anything. So have fun at the Casbah after, it's gonna be a great event!


To celebrate's Two Year Anniversary, we'll be throwing a block party on Laurel & Kettner. The first portion of the evening will be hosted at Subtext Gallery, featuring a live performance by Little Deadman and an art opening showcasing (almost) every artist that's been featured on in our first two years.

Around 9:30pm the evening will shift over to The Casbah for performances by Writer, Cuckoo Chaos, Trouble in the Wind, and Knorphus in The Atari Lounge. Details and ticket info below.


Subtext Gallery // Art

Dustin Ortiz, Erik Otto, Brad Kester, Morgan Blair, Eric Taggart, Tocayo, GrandLarsen, Diana Sudyka, Kelli Murray, Knorphus Zortorch, Mike Maxwell, Andrew Heine, Taylor Dunfee, Austin McCormick, Pamela Jaeger, Matt Stallings, Justin Skeesuck, Jolby, Wes Bruce, and Exist 1981.

The Casbah // Music

Writer, Cuckoo Chaos & Trouble in the Wind

w/ Knorphus (Atari Lounge) and Little Deadman (Subtext)


The Art reception / Little Deadman performance is free, entrance to The Casbah costs $10.

Tickets can be purchased now at

This event is sponsored in part by Karl Strauss Brewing Company, and Evolve Wines.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


One of the many new pieces I am working on for next month's show at Thumb Print Gallery in North Park with the one and only Exist 1981. Stay tuned for more.

I started this painting at an event called "Ocean Beats" at Winston's in OB. It was dark in there so I figured why not feed off the vibe. Never heard back from the promoter of the event, so I don't know if my presence was appreciated. At least a patron of the event thought the art was rad and bought me a drink. Thanks dude! Whoever you are. Either way, I got this cool painting out of it, and was blown away by this DJ called "Bus Driver".


Here are a few boards I did last month for my buddy Justin at AKA Surfboards. It's cool to paint on these things from time to time, being as this was how I got my foot into the whole art thing.

Aside from the art, how sick do these boards look? Jeez, I wanna ride all of them! If you haven't ridden an AKA yet, you better get your ass on one. You will not regret it.


So I had the pleasure of meeting this guy, Enrique, the most animated person I've ever met and with the most positive energy ever. He liked my art and he wanted me to participate in his show. So this is what he pulled off in a short times notice.

He called the show "the Enrique Experience" and it's basically 12 of his favorite columns paired up with 12 of his favorite local artists. The show was insane, tall boys (beer) deep fried Oreo's, spiked ice cream pops, and live music. Awesome experience, hope most of you made it out for this one. It was a show people are still talking about. Alright enough with that, here are the photos.

All photos are courtesy of Taylor Doms.

Inspiration for my next show. Brilliant!

"Our Lady Ignorancia" my art for this show.

Matt Stallings. I need to get a painting off this dude.

Neko's piece, also need to get something off this dude.

This guy was all time! Whipping up deep fried Oreo's.


Just a fun project I had a chance to do. Don't know if many of you know this but I play in 3 softball leagues (2 are Co-ed) and I also play on 2 fast-pitch baseball leagues, but I digress... this is a logo I created for my team up in Irvine. We are the Stepkids and basically we are a bunch of different people within the action sports industry without a softball team to call our own. For example, Rip Curl, Volcom, Primo Beer, to name a few.

So we play every Thursday night and we are damn good, always fighting for 1st place. Anyways, we were good enough to get picked up by Malakye. They now want to sponsor us. So we soon well have a Malakye added to this logo.

OK, thank you :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This was such a rad wrap up party for this particular challenge. You can't beat free food and happy hour drinks, plus throw in some live screen printing and you've got yourself quite the soiree. It turned out to be a really cool last minute event, and I was super stoked to see some folks I haven't seen in a while and also meet some cool new ones. Thank you Sezio & Holiday Matinee!!

All photos are courtesy of the talented Carly Ealey.

Also check out the cool video of pro-surfer Jen Smith at the very bottom. Video courtesy of Charles Bergquist.

Roxy + Fiesta + Tocayo from Holiday Matinee on Vimeo.