Monday, June 7, 2010


To celebrate's Two Year Anniversary, we'll be throwing a block party on Laurel & Kettner. The first portion of the evening will be hosted at Subtext Gallery, featuring a live performance by Little Deadman and an art opening showcasing (almost) every artist that's been featured on in our first two years.

Around 9:30pm the evening will shift over to The Casbah for performances by Writer, Cuckoo Chaos, Trouble in the Wind, and Knorphus in The Atari Lounge. Details and ticket info below.


Subtext Gallery // Art

Dustin Ortiz, Erik Otto, Brad Kester, Morgan Blair, Eric Taggart, Tocayo, GrandLarsen, Diana Sudyka, Kelli Murray, Knorphus Zortorch, Mike Maxwell, Andrew Heine, Taylor Dunfee, Austin McCormick, Pamela Jaeger, Matt Stallings, Justin Skeesuck, Jolby, Wes Bruce, and Exist 1981.

The Casbah // Music

Writer, Cuckoo Chaos & Trouble in the Wind

w/ Knorphus (Atari Lounge) and Little Deadman (Subtext)


The Art reception / Little Deadman performance is free, entrance to The Casbah costs $10.

Tickets can be purchased now at

This event is sponsored in part by Karl Strauss Brewing Company, and Evolve Wines.

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