Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So I had the pleasure of meeting this guy, Enrique, the most animated person I've ever met and with the most positive energy ever. He liked my art and he wanted me to participate in his show. So this is what he pulled off in a short times notice.

He called the show "the Enrique Experience" and it's basically 12 of his favorite columns paired up with 12 of his favorite local artists. The show was insane, tall boys (beer) deep fried Oreo's, spiked ice cream pops, and live music. Awesome experience, hope most of you made it out for this one. It was a show people are still talking about. Alright enough with that, here are the photos.

All photos are courtesy of Taylor Doms.

Inspiration for my next show. Brilliant!

"Our Lady Ignorancia" my art for this show.

Matt Stallings. I need to get a painting off this dude.

Neko's piece, also need to get something off this dude.

This guy was all time! Whipping up deep fried Oreo's.

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