Wednesday, December 15, 2010


OK, first off, you need to go check this show out. As an artist, I was blown away at the detail and skill this dude posses. He's got mad skill as a fine artists and makes it even cooler by mixing it with pop culture. I've always known about him, but now, I am truly a fan. I can only hope to be as good as him one day. I guess I should learn to paint first, that would probably make my drawings cooler.

But I digress, the show is up at OCC (Orange Coast College) in Costa Mesa, it isfree and it is awesome. Do it!

Here are some photos I snapped...

 Here is a close up of the Hulk Baby, FYI there was also a plastic mold of it next to the painting.

 The detail in this piece was amazing, but its the same in all of them really. A mix of collage work with painting over all the individual collaged pieces.

 Teletubby molds, these guys are in the sunflower painting as background elements.

 This is the grass from the painting above. Just to show you the detail in this piece.

 All hand painted, including amazing background.

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  1. I agree. Ron English ish is a must see in person. I actually got a chance to check out the OCC show ( My girlfriend goes to OCC. - E.VIL